Consists of all the usual dishes that are enriched with produce that has come from right close by which can be enjoyed as our guests look out over the breath-taking views of the mountains’ peaks and the nearby woods of the Madonie Regional Park.



Our guests can book excursions on horse-back or on a bicycle, with or without a guide, into the woods, along the trails that run through the Madonie Regional Park and through the woods that belong to the property.

Bike Rides

It is possible to book a bike ride, with or without a guide, through the woods that belong to the property or along the paths within the Madonie Regional Park and the surrounding area.


The Swimming Pool

Our guests have access to a swimming-pool with panoramic views, whirlpool jets and a sun deck. So, you can enjoy a refreshing dip whilst you admire the spectacular scenery of the Madonie mountains.

Traditional Cooking Courses

The abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, mushrooms, bread, pastries and local sweetmeats combined with the culinary artistry of our chefs are the perfect mix for those guests who would like to improve their cooking skills. What about combining the desire to learn about local specialities and improving one’s knowledge of healthy cooking?


Mycological (mushroom) Courses

The area in which Casena Mongerrati is located is a paradise for mushroom hunters because this is where they grow plentifully, including the more sought after local species of porcini and Amanita Caesarea mushrooms. This wonderful profusion of species makes it possible to schedule courses in mycology throughout the year as we are able to obtain the relevant licence which enables us to distinguish and classify our finds, but, more importantly, to actually hunt for them.

Logistical Information for Tourists

Our staff will be happy to help you with any arrangements you want to make in order to maximise your holiday time with visits to places and events in the centre where the property is located and in the surrounding area as well as in the Madonie Regional Park.

If you would like more information about what’s on offer, then please